Mission statement

Dr Rahele and Vernon came to the Sunshine Coast to start a new chapter of their lives and create their own dental practice that will allow dental excellence and professionalism to flourish. They aim to help everyone that seeks their help and to show the Sunshine Coast that they are honest and trustworthy, and that dentistry is not what it used to be. They are of the new generation with the experience to succeed.

Dr. Vernon

About Dr Vernon

Vernon has been known to be called Mr fix it. He will do his best to get you back on the road to your daily activity, functioning without fuss. He is very passionate about helping his patient and giving them the best of dental care. He has been known to spend the extra time even after hours to get his patient out of trouble. Vernon believes in minimally invasive dentistry and that complicated expensive work is not the only answer. As a dentist he is equally skilled in removing hopeless, difficult teeth as well as restoring them. There is also the wisdom to know when to refer tricky cases that deserve specialist attention.

Vernon takes great joy in finding solutions to patient’s problems where possible, when they have been told that nothing else can be done. Especially when often all is required is a little more time and thought and listening to the patient wishes. He has helped many patients over the years back to complete oral health, practicing ethical dentistry. He operates with the idea of “it is not what is done  with the  instruments that brings success but in the explanation “.  There are limitations of teeth and it must be aligned with their expectations. Ultimately transparent communication is the key to success and trust in the dental chair.

Outside of the dental practice, Vernon is very competitive at sports and enjoys playing Squash, mountain biking and going to 12Rounds fitness training and learning to surf. Above all the most important thing in Dr Vernon’s life is his wife Rahele and his young son Leon.

About Dr Rahele

As you will see when meeting Dr Rahele, she has an enthusiastic energy and softness in her voice.  This puts patients at ease in minutes. It’s not always about the dentistry, its about the connection with a person looking for help.

She has striven to pursue the best in education so that she can provide the optimum patient care with the most modern techniques. Her dedication to her work can only be matched by her passion for perfection. In cases that can be small and simple, to multiple and complicated, preparation makes it simple. Rahele has traveled across the world to train with world leading lecturers. Recently Rahele traveled to Los Angeles to gain her master clinician training in implant dentistry.

Rahele has a delicate touch with small hands that makes dental treatment easy for the patient. You will not feel pulled or stretched so it is an overall pleasant experience. Rahele’s main interest is cosmetic and implant work in which she has gained many years experience. Rahele is to the level and experience  to confidently place multiple implants at any one time.

Dr. Rahele also aims to be as conservative as possible in treating patients in difficult dental situations. As often is the case,  the less tooth structure removed the more forgiving the future of compromised teeth will be.

Outside of the surgery Rahele enjoys being active and walking along the Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba esplanade, swimming and travelling to new countries. To Rahele, family is the most important thing.

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