Why The Name Dental Envy?

After working in Cairns for the last 11 years as the lead associate dentists it was fair to say they had made a good impression in Cairns. With their books being constantly full for weeks in advance, once it was announced that they were leaving Cairns, patients would sadly comment who is going to look after my teeth now? Who else can we trust ? We will miss you!  Whichever patient you treat wherever you go, will be very lucky!  We wish we were coming with you.

On arriving in Maroochydore, Rahele and Vernon could see why so many people had complemented the sunshine coast. On the way down as they drove the 1600 kilometers from Cairns they discovered so much. Such as the beautiful beaches, the great waves to surf, the sunny weather. This made the relocating adventure even more exciting.  With the news of the new CBD developing and the new international airport coming soon. They realized that they had discovered an amazing location to start their practice from.

On finding the premises to call their own in the perfect spot by the beach. They decided to work with local companies to create their dream practice from the empty shell that was shop 5.  They engaged with reputable and renowned companies bringing together a culmination of trades and experience, to who they are very thankful for helping them get to where they are today. The practice has been equipped with the highest quality dental materials and equipment.  This would satisfy the needs of any general dental practitioner. In this way the dental staff work better to only provide the best of care for patients.

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